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If you are an experienced interim, we would like to hear from you. Please send your CV to and together we can decide on next steps.

Whilst we welcome all applications, inevitably we will be better placed to work with some rather than all and this is a reflection on the nature and frequency of client work rather than a judgement on your marketability as an interim.

When you contact us, we will let you know if we are a likely partner for your business because as with our clients, we aim to provide useful information when you contact us and valuable knowledge should we work together.

The markers we look for include

  • 👥


    Comfortable working on the client’s management team at executive or senior management level

  • 📑


    Experienced interim with at least three years of exceptional references.

  • 🎓


    A blend of commercial experience with particular industry or functional knowledge that signifies deep expertise rather than solely generalist experience.

  • Drive

    If not an established interim, a clear intention to pursue interim as a career choice.

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Why Work With Us?

51% of what we do is for clients, 49% of what we do is for the Interim Manager.

We work closely with our senior contacts over their careers and many swap between being clients and Interim Managers during the time we work with them.

The majority of our work is still won by referral and word of mouth which demonstrates our commitment.

We have a complete disclosure policy because we want you to be fully informed at all stages of the process, allowing you to make the right decisions for your business and that of the end client.

Like you, we fundamentally believe that you can prosper through the success of others