Client Services

The Interim Bench works in partnership with you to build the right resource network for your organisation.

Our wide network of contacts is always the starting point however as we work with you, we use proactive research to build sector, industry and company networks that are specific to the anticipated skills profiles that you may require in the future.

Where we innovate

Assignment Structure

We work with you to create the right engagement model. Expertise may be needed for a few hours, a few days, all the way through to traditional full time engagements.

It may be on periodic recurring basis, it may be part time or for a specified number of days.

The Interim Bench helps facilitate change and transition at all stages along the Corporate Development Roadmap.


Legacy Management

We work closely with you and the Interim Manager all the way through the assignment.

This analysis is documented and then backed up by offering a free day of consultancy from the Interim Manager within six weeks of the end of their assignment.

You have a complete understanding of the joint legacy and an open offer of the Interim’s expertise to give the best possible legacy.

Why Us

Investment and resourcing decisions are being dictated by confidence levels rather than cash economics

This is highly relevant in today’s economic climate as Business Leaders plan and transition their businesses to meet the needs and demands of their customers as we move out of the recession into a new, changed and yet to be defined world

Organisations who have survived the incredibly tough conditions of the past few tears, need an interim resourcing partner that gives them exceptional skill sets with complete flexibility around the duration that they are needed for

The recruitment landscape has changed dramatically in the last five years. Technology and the accelerating use of social media have meant that sourcing people has become much more accessible.

The challenge remains knowing who is exceptional with an attitude that drives the right client-orientated values and leads to powerful legacies

All of our interim mangers are extensively referenced both formally and through our network. This thoroughness is a critical part of our work – to make sure that we are working with people who delight clients and exceed expectations